About Us

The Private Sector Vaccine Initiative (PSVI) is a partnership among the Government of Jamaica (GoJ) and private sector groups: Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC), the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association (JMEA) and Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica ((PSOJ). It was established to support the national vaccination plan (NVP) of the Ministry of Health & Wellness (MoHW) by mobilising collective resources and increasing the velocity and penetration of vaccinations in the country, so Jamaica returns to a healthy and productive society.

How it works

Mobilising Resources to Strengthen Vaccine Logistics

Member companies can contribute to the PSVI Fund, which is set up to boost the procurement of vaccines and ensure that the GoJ can access vaccines the moment they become available.

PSVI is also coordinating the donation of equipment and other items requested by the MoHW to strengthen the overall vaccination logistics at vaccination centres across the island (storage, distribution, etc.).

Vaccinating More Jamaicans Faster
Private sector businesses can buy vaccines for staff and dependents and have their vaccination facilitated through the PSVI-GoJ/MoHW arrangements. This facility, which is scheduled for Phase 2 of NVP (see MoHW website for updated schedule of phases), will ease the burden from the government programme and speed up the pace at which the productive sector is vaccinated.

Education, driving Vaccination
To shore up the GoJ’s goal of having 65% of the population inoculated by March 2022, the PSVI will help to disseminate the MoHW’s public education collateral about vaccine safety and other relevant vaccination information. Private sector members can share this information with staff.

A Few Things to NOTE:

  • NHF is the only entity procuring vaccines on behalf of the GoJ at this time;
  • All registration for the vaccine is managed by the MoHW;
  • All PSVI Vaccination activities will follow the GoJ schedule;
  • The PSVI will provide a path way for SMEs to be included;
  • Vaccine type available will be based on the vaccine that is procured by NHF;
  • The price of vaccines is based on the type available, plus admin and distribution costs.