The Private Sector Vaccine Initiative is a mechanism to support Jamaica's COVID-19 vaccination efforts.​

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PSVI, AFJ go after vulnerable, co-morbid with community vaccination drive

The American Friends of Jamaica, Inc. (AFJ) has funded a three-month programme focused on vaccinating people in vulnerable communities. This contribution to the national vaccination effort will be executed in collaboration with the PSVI to target people who are 60 years and older, co-morbid and who possess increased likelihood of severe illness if they contract COVID-19. People with other vulnerable conditions, such as compromised immunity, poverty and lack of ready access to vaccination and related healthcare services will also be targeted in this programme.

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Our VAX-NATION Podcast is a fortnightly series that includes the voices of medical experts, journalists, corporate leaders, vax-takers, COVID survivors, and social influencers tackling all things vaccines and vaccination. This is one of the ways we will ensure we provide the right information and everything the private sector workforce needs to know to #GetVaccinated at the earliest opportunity.
As we move toward population immunity VAX-NATION encourages everyone in the private sector workforce to #GetTheFacts and #GetTheVax.

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